A clan of mercenaries willing to do any kind of work.
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January 2018
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:56 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of faceless, or prospective members, I am Drowsiestcoder7. This clan was forged by me to be, not only a safe haven for individuals who want to duel people they are friends with, but also a place where you can join a clan without changing your name, and work for that clan as a free agent. There are a few rules you must follow of course, but these should be easy for anyone with a sense of right and wrong.

rule 1: just be nice to people, is that so hard? I mean I can't go anywhere on the dueling network without someone insulting other people for no reason other than not being them, so for the love of Exodia, be polite.

Rule 1.5: If I hear about or see someone trying to get into the pants of another member of this clan, no place on earth will keep you from the hell-fire that is my wrath.

Rule 2: Respect the authority, meaning if your a newbie, respect the mercs and admins, if your a merc, respect the admins, but that does not mean disrespect those lower in the food chain

Rule 3: Decks made by other people are theirs, not yours, so don't say their build sucks or they can do it a better way.

As for joining Faceless, there are a few requirements you must pass in order to be a member. First, you must build a deck that is not currently in meta, or was meta in the past ban-list, ill leave it to you to know what decks fall into that category. Second, you must beat a Merc, or me in a single duel, if you win your in, but if you lose, better hope you made a good impression on who you were dueling. and lastly, just a general rule i live by, if you care about respect, common courtesy requires you to spell out "good luck and have fun" along with "good game", just a thought.

and that's that, short version is don't be a perverted dick-bag with no respect for authority or others. good night and godspeed
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General Rules
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